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Trimble Engineering Associates Ltd. (Trimble) is an Alberta-based company, providing consulting services to the petroleum industry for over 40 years. Trimble specializes in Oil & Gas Evaluations and strives to stand out from our competition by building strong client relationships and delivering consistent & cost effective results.

Trimble Engineering’s expertise has been recognized, and our evaluation reports accepted, by all major Securities Exchange Commissions and chartered banks in Canada, as well as the SEC in the United States. We provide corporate evaluations and engineering audits for a wide range of clientele, including financial institutions, public companies and private investors.

Trimble has conducted technical studies in all regions of Canada: from Newfoundland, through the Western Provinces, to the frontier areas of the Mackenzie Delta and Beaufort Sea. Furthermore, our work has included projects in the United States, Europe and South America.

The key to our record of success is the experience and continuity of our staff. We believe in strong relationships and strive to ensure that our clients are working with the same principal evaluators year after year. Our emphasis on direct communication translates into time and cost savings. We take pride in producing the consistent and objective results our clients have come to expect. 


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